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Metal and Aluminium Step Ladder

Metal and Aluminium Step Ladder

SKU: 068

Metal & Aluminium Step Ladder // Imported from Italy //  Portable Folding Step Stool with Handgrip // Anti-Slip Rubber Feet // Wide Step // Available in 3 Sizes // European Union Certification EN 14183


  • Dimension Table

    Code  Steps H h M Kg
    068 3 Steps 1.33m 0.73m 2.75m 7,8kg
    069 4 Steps 1.58m 0.98m 3.00m 10,3kg
    072 5 Steps 1.84m 1.24m 3.26m 13,4kg
  • Details

    Imported from Italy

    Metal and ALuminium Portable Folding Step Stool with Handgrip. 

    Anti-Slip Rubber Feet and Wide Step / Platforms with rounded edge and spacious self 

    60cm safety barrier

    Tubular aluminium Structure of Extreme lightness and stability.

    Front stay 40 x 20mm

    Back stay 35 x 20mm

    Max Load :  150kg

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