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Industrial Single Step Aluminium Ladder

Industrial Single Step Aluminium Ladder

SKU: Code 234

Industrial Single Step Aluminium Ladder // Industrial Use Only // Available In 7 Sizes // European Union Certification EN 131

  • Dimension Table

    Code Steps H h W M Kg
    232 2+1 steps 1.28m 0.60m 0.45m 2.62m 4.8kg
    233 3+1 steps 1.53m 0.85m 0.47m 2.88m 5.5kg
    234 4+1 steps 1.78m 1.10m 0.49m 3.12m 6.1kg
    235 5+1 steps 2.02m 1.35m 0.51m 3.38m 6.7kg
    236 6+1 steps 2.28m 1.60m 0.53m


    237 7+1 steps 2.52m 1.85m 0.55m 3.88m 9.0kg
    238 8+1 steps 2.78m 2.10m 0.57m 4.12m 10.0kg


  • Details

    Max Load (Kg): Approx. 150kg

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