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Aluminium Screed

Aluminium Screed

SKU: 410

Aluminium Screed // Leveling Concrete - Cement - Slab // Lightweight // Multi-Functioned // Available in 5 Sizes 

  • Dimension Table

    Code Length Width Height Kg
    410 1.00m 20mm 80mm 0.7kg
    415 1.50m 20mm 80mm 1.1kg
    420 2.00m 20mm 80mm 1.4kg
    425 2.50m 20mm 80mm 1.8kg
    430 3.00m 20mm 80mm 2.1kg


  • Details

    Aluminum Skalotechniki SA Screed is made from an aluminum profile and helps for leveling concrete and cement. 

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